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14 Oct 2015

Migration, Environment and Climate Change: Assessing the Evidence

Gradual and sudden environmental changes are resulting in substantial human movement and displacement, and the scale of such flows, both internal and cross-border, is expected to rise with unprecedented impacts on lives and livelihoods. Despite the potential challenge, there has been a lack of strategic thinking about this policy area partly due to a lack of data and empirical research on this topic. Adequately planning for and managing environmentally-induced migration will be critical for human security.

The papers in this volume were first presented at the Research Workshop on Migration and the Environment: Developing a Global Research Agenda held in Munich, Germany in April 2008. One of the key objectives on the Munich workshop was to address the need for more sound empirical research and identify priority areas of research for policy makers in the field of migration and the environment. 

  • Foreword by William Lacy Swing
  • Chapter I: Introduction and Overview: Enhancing the knowledge base
  • Chapter II: Challenges and approaches to measuring the migration–environment nexus
  • Chapter III: Collecting data on the migration–environment nexus
  • Chapter IV: Researching environmental change and migration: evaluation of EACH-FOR methodology and application in 23 case studies worldwide
  • Chapter V: Migration and natural disasters
  • Chapter VI: Migration and slow-onset disasters: desertification and drought
  • Chapter VII: Managing environmentally induced migration
  • Chapter VIII: The role of legal and normative frameworks for the protection of environmentally displaced people