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03 Oct 2015

The Migration-Development Nexus

Migration and development are two complex and interrelated issues. While migration is frequently caused by underdevelopment, it may also present a vehicle to foster development and a means of escape from poverty. This collection sheds light on the migration-development nexus seen from many angles, and presents the latest knowledge and research on issues such as migrants' remittances, the development potential of return migration, development questions relating to conflict situations and livelihoods of refugees. Three country studies (Afghanistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka) examine the theories in practice, while some of the articles discuss possible policy options regarding immigration and asylum, development assistance and emergency relief.

  • Editorial Introduction 
  • Migration, Development and Conflict: State-of-the-Art Overview
  • Aid, Relief and Containment: The First Asylum Country and Beyond
  • Livelihoods in Conflict: The Pursuit of Livelihoods by Refugees and the Impact on the Human Security of Host Communities
  • Remittances and Other Financial Flows to Developing Countries
  • Migration, Return and Development: An Institutional Perspective
  • Migration Trends and Migration Policy in Europe
  • Managing Migration: The Role of Economic Instruments 
  • The Migration-Development Nexus: Afghanistan Case Study
  • The Migration-Development Nexus: Somalia Case Study
  • The Migration-Development Nexus: Sri Lanka Case Study
  • The Migration-Development Nexus: Evidence and Policy Options.