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03 Oct 2015

Migration, Development and Poverty Reduction in Asia

Earlier versions of the papers in this volume were presented at the "Regional Conference on Migration and Development in Asia", held in Lanzhou, China, 14-16 March 2005. The conference, hosted by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was organized by IOM and funded by Britain's Department for International Development (DFID).

Though there has been increasing attention paid to the potential role migration can play in fostering development, most of that attention has tended to focus on international migration. Internal migration has been somewhat neglected but is also an extremely important policy area.

One of the key aims of the Lanzhou conference was to identify more effective ways to enhance the benefits of internal migration for poverty reduction and development, and how this could be complemented by strategies to ensure that migrants have decent working conditions and access to health and social services.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword
  • Introduction: Maximizing the Benefits of Internal Migration for Development
  • Internal Migration in China: Linking it to Development
  • Bangladesh: Internal Migration and Pro-Poor Policy 
  • India: Internal Migration Links with Poverty and Development * Pakistan: Internal Migration and Poverty Reduction
  • Viet Nam: Internal Migration: Opportunities and Challenges for Development 
  • Internal Migration and Gender in Asia
  • Internal migration of women and development in Sri Lanka
  • Internal Migration, Health and Social Protection
  • Case study: HIV/AIDS in South and North-East Asia
  • Helping Migration to Improve Livelihoods in China: Vocational Training, Development of Small Businesses and Agribusiness and Support