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29 Sep 2015

Migration and Religion in a Globalized World / Migrations et faits religieux

The presentation of this report reflects the topics on the agenda of a conference with the same title organized jointly by the Ministry in charge of the Moroccan Community Residing Abroad and IOM, which was held in Rabat, Morocco, on 5-6 December 2005. The meeting explored the role of religion in the migration process to assist policy makers to better understand the dynamics involved and their interaction. The discussions focused on exploring the relationship between migration and religion, the role of religion in the migration process, younger generations and religious tolerance, the role of the media, and how religious communities may constitute a vital resource for migrants trying to adapt to a new community.

  • Final Report of the Conference
  • Synopsis
  • Religion in the Context of Transnationalism
  • The Role of Religion in the Migration process
  • The Importance of Migration and Religion in Creating Cohesive Societies
  • Partnerships for Social Cohesion and Integration
  • The Sensitization of Young Generations to Religious Tolerance
  • The Media, Migration and Religion Triangle
  • Responding to the Challenges
  • Key Messages