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30 Sep 2015

Migration and Development: Perspectives from the South

The relationship between migration and development is a key topic for research and policy. Earlier pessimistic perspectives focused on the threat to development of poorer countries through the loss of human resources. Recently, a more optimistic view has been advanced by northern governments and international agencies. This is based on the idea that remittance flows and transfers of know-how by migrants can actually reinvigorate development. But what do people in the South think about international migration? How do the migrants themselves experience international migration, and how do they understand development? These questions are rarely asked.

This book attempts to redress the balance by initiating a South-South dialogue. It is the result of discussions among researchers, government officials and migrant activists from five major emigration countries: India, Mexico, Morocco, the Philippines, and Turkey. The five country case studies present experiences of emigration over the past 50 years and analyse the consequences for economy, society and politics.

The book is edited by Stephen Castles (University of Oxford, UK) and Raúl Delgado Wise (University of Zacatecas, Mexico). Other authors include: Alejandro Portes, Jørgen Carling, Manolo Abella, Jeffrey Ducanes, Binod Khadria, Humberto Márquez Covarrubias, Hein de Haas, Maruja M.B. Asis, Gamze Avci, Kemal Kiri?ci, and Oliver Bakewell.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Migration and Development: A Conceptual Review of the Evidence
  • Chapter 3. Interrogating Remittances: Core Question for Deeper Insight and Better Policies
  • Chapter 4. Is Transnationalism a New Paradigm for Development?
  • Chapter 5. India: Skilled Migration to Developed Countries, Labour Migration to the Gulf
  • Chapter 6. The Mexico-United States Migratory System: Dilemmas of Regional Integration, Development, and Emigration
  • Chapter 7. North African Migration Systems: Evolution, Transformations, and Development Linkages
  • Chapter 8. How International Migration can Support Development: A Challenge for the Philippines
  • Chapter 9. Turkey’s Immigration and Emigration Dilemmas at the Gate of the European Union
  • Chapter 10. Comparing the Experience of Five Major Emigration Countries
  • Chapter 11. Perspectives from Governments of Countries of Origin and Migrant Associations
  • Chapter 12. Perspectives from the South: Conclusions from the 2006 Bellagio Conference on Migration and Development