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08 Oct 2015

Migration and Development: Migrant Stories

Maximizing the positive relationship between migration and development has long been a strategic focus in IOM’s operational work. Through personal accounts, this publication visualizes the positive contribution migrants residing in the Netherlands and other European countries are making to societies in their countries of origin.

IOM offers temporary return assignments to migrants who wish to use their professional knowledge and experience for the development of their country of origin. Their cultural ties to the native land combined with their knowledge and experience make them excellent agents of change to development.

The migrants also play an important role in stimulating and developing partnerships between institutions in the country of origin and their country of residence. Often migrants remain strongly connected to their country of origin. They remit money back, as they also transfer knowledge and experience. The Dutch migration and development policy focussing on a global approach of this skills transfer serves as an example par excellence. 

IOM is convinced that migrants participating in capacity building projects for their country of origin contribute to a triple win. Their involvement is a gain to their personal development, it answers to development needs of the country of origin and it enriches the cohesion in the country of residence. 

Through the experiences and personal stories of participants in this publication, IOM shares the positive result of a policy that links migration with development objectives.