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15 Oct 2015

Migration in the Americas: No. 2, December 2006

Migration in the Americas is a quarterly newsletter that provides insight to IOM activities in the Western Hemisphere. This publication includes articles written in both English and Spanish.

Migration in the Americas December 2006 edition includes articles from the Caribbean, Central America, Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States.

Completion of IOM German Forced Labor Program; Global Dialogue on Migration; World AIDS Day; Afghan Civilian Assistance; Ecuador Out of Country Voting; Counter Trafficking Modules; A Story of Refugee Resettlement; Central American Women Against Trafficking; Document Training in Trinidad and Tobago; Managing Migration in the Caribbean

  • IOM’s German Forced Labor Program to be Completed 31 December
  • IOM’s Aghan Civilian Assistance Program
  • Global Dialogue on Migration is Launched
  • IOM Counter Trafficking Training Modules
  • IOM Observers Ecuador’s Out of Country Voting
  • Building Capacity to Manage Migration in the Caribbean
  • IOM Assistance to the Refugee Resettlement Program
  • Central American Women Unite to Fight Trafficking of Women
  • Document Examination and Intelligent Profiling in Trinidad and Tobago
  • 1 December World AIDS Day