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17 Feb 2021

Migrant Protection and Assistance during COVID-19: Promising Practices

COVID-19 has posed significant challenges for IOM, affecting the provision of much needed support to migrants and governments alike. In the face of all these challenges, IOM offices worldwide found innovative ways to assist migrants and governments. The report will delve into the specific challenges and solutions on the following areas of work: 1. Assistance to Migrants in Vulnerable Situations; 2. Counter-trafficking; 3. Return; 4. Reintegration; 5. Stranded Migrants and 6. Assessments and Data Collection. An additional topic of cash-based initiatives will be covered in detail, as one of the most effective and innovative solutions.

  • Introduction
  • Assistance to migrants in vulnerable situations 
  • Counter-trafficking 
  • Return assistance
  • Reintegration assistance
  • Stranded migrants
  • Assessments and data 
  • Cash-based interventions 
  • Way forward