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28 Mar 2023

Mental Health Problems of Returned Tajik Labour Migrants and their Experiences Seeking Mental Health Care and Psychosocial Support

Each year, about half a million of Tajikistan’s citizens leave the country for employment abroad, and 400,000 people return home after living and working in other countries. International migration brings multiple benefits for Tajik migrants and their families, but it is also a challenging experience that can affect the mental health of migrants.

This interdisciplinary study examines different-level factors that affect the mental health of Tajik returned migrants and discusses an elevated level of stress associated with migration-related challenges. This study also analyses existing policies, as well as health-care and social protection services for migrants with mental health issues. This report discusses identified gaps in policies and services for labour migrants who experience mental health issues in countries of destination and returnees in Tajikistan, barriers to access services, and the need for a better integration of primary care and mental health care in Tajikistan. This report includes specific recommendations in relation to these issues.

  • Abstract
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  • Executive summary
  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Background
  • Chapter 3. Methodology
  • Chapter 4. Results
  • Chapter 5. Discussion
  • Chapter 6. Conclusion and recommendations
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