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26 Dec 2023

Manual for Inclusive and Sustainable Reintegration of Returning Migrant Workers in South Asia

Understanding the needs of migrant workers across the labour migration life cycle, this reintegration manual offers practical guidance on designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating reintegration assistance programmes for returning migrant workers in South Asia. The target audience for this manual are primarily policymakers, practitioners and service providers who can advocate for and support a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach through the adoption of coordinated policies and practices at the international, regional, national and local levels.

Consisting of six modules, the manual supports reintegration assistance for returnees in three key areas, namely economic and labour market reintegration, social reintegration and psychosocial reintegration. Guidance on monitoring and evaluation of programmes is also incorporated. Furthermore, this forward-looking document, which may be applicable to other contexts of reintegration, presents key ideas and considerations for the Colombo Process Member States to assist in their reintegration support policies.   

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abbreviations and acronyms
  • Definitions
  • Overview of the manual
  • Scope of the manual
  • Module 1: Setting the context
    • Patterns of migration in South Asia
    • Characteristics of return migration
    • Understanding the needs of the South Asian returning migrant worker across the migrant life cycle
    • Areas of contribution of returning migrant workers in the country of origin
    • The need for developing a regional reintegration model for returning migrant workers in South Asia
  • Module 2: The reintegration model
    • How the model intends to be gender responsive
    • Approach in developing the model
    • Overview of the model
    • Key enablers to enhance inclusive and sustainable reintegration
    • Key stakeholders enabling operations
    • Stakeholders
    • Helpful resources
  • Module 3: Assistance and planning towards economic and labour market reintegration
    • Overview of the levels of implementation of economic and labour market reintegration
    • Targeting and promoting economic and labour market reintegration services
      • Support area 1: (Re)Employment assistance: Labour market linkage and employment generation
      • Support area 2: Self-employment assistance: Setting up small- to medium-scale enterprises
      • Support area: 3: Assistance towards personal finance management and well-being
    • Gender-responsive strategies for economic and labour market reintegration
    • Case studies
    • Helpful resources
  • Module 4: Assistance and planning towards social reintegration
    • Overview of the social reintegration model
    • Overview of the implementation levels of social reintegration
    • Targeting and promoting social reintegration services
      • Support area 1: Well-being and social protection
      • Support area 2: Safety and access to shelter
    • Gender-responsive strategies for social reintegration
    • Case studies
    • Helpful resources
  • Module 5: Assistance and planning towards psychosocial reintegration
    • Overview of the psychosocial reintegration model
      • Support area 1: Mental well-being and preparedness
      • Support area 2: Community and family preparedness
    • Gender-responsive strategies for psychosocial reintegration
    • Case studies
  • Module 6: Monitoring and evaluation
    • Monitoring and evaluation plan for economic and labour market reintegration
    • Monitoring and evaluation plan for the social reintegration model
    • Monitoring and evaluation plan for the psychosocial reintegration model
    • Helpful resources
  • …Next steps towards and actionable strategy
  • Looking ahead
  • References