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27 Jan 2017

Managing the Pre-departure Orientation Process for Armenian Labour Migrants (Armenian)

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The study aims to promote awareness raising among Armenian labour migrants through provision of pre-departure information, which will let the potential migrants make their migration project more successful and will contribute to reducing risk of exploitation, labour trafficking and unfair labour practices.
The report is prepared within the framework of the IOM Armenia project “Strengthening Armenia's labor migration management capacities towards enhanced democracy and good governance” funded by the Romanian Government. The project aims at enhancing the capacities of the Armenian Government to better manage labor migration through optimization of pre-departure orientation process for Armenian migrant workers.

  • Introduction 
  • Pre-departure orientation as a protection measure 
  • The Armenian situation: why pre-departure orientation is necessary and what is needed 
    • Armenia as a sending country
    • The sociodemographic profile of Armenian labour migration
    • Policy and existing infrastructure
    • Armenia as a part of  the Eurasian Economic Union migration system
    • Key problems faced by Armenian labour migrants
    • Re-entry ban
    • Displaced population from Syrian Arab Republic
  • Pre-departure orientation: content and methods of delivery
    • The main types of information to be delivered
    • Methods of delivery
    • Skills and qualifications needed for pre-departure counselling
  • Recommendations for measures to be developed and applied in Armenia 
    • Development of innovative communication technologies
    • Ethical recruitment and organized schemes
  • Legal information needed for those who seek employment in the Russian Federation (brief module)