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22 Sep 2015

Labour Migration Management Assessment: Uganda

Labour Migration Management Assessment: Uganda provides an analysis of the national policies, practices, structures and legislation governing labour migration in Uganda. It aims to assist the Government of Uganda in better regulating, managing and monitoring labour migration by identifying gaps and proposing recommendations. Given the importance of regional integration for Uganda, it places special emphasis on the free movement of workers within the East Africa Community.

  • Executive Summary
    • 1. Background of the Report
    • 2. The Ugandan Migration Context
    • 3. Data Collection and Analysis
    • 4. Institutional Structures and Inter-institutional Collaboration
    • 5. National Legislative Basis and International Norms
    • 6. Recruitment and Support Services
    • 7. Remittances
    • 8. Regional Context
    • 9. Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix