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21 Sep 2015

Labour Migration and Human Development - 2011 Annual Report

The Labour Migration and Human Development (LHD) 2011 Annual Report outlines IOM’s work implemented during 2010 in the areas of Labour Migration, Migrant Training and Integration, and Migration and Development in IOM’s country offices around the world.

The report describes the importance of Labour Migration and Human Development in the framework of IOM’s vision and strategy, as well as the Organization’s expertise in this domain. The approach and programming of each thematic area are described in order to highlight IOM’s contribution to these areas through its programming. In addition, the report includes examples of best practices and highlights relevant projects implemented by IOM’s offices around the globe, presenting their variety and their relevance with respect to global and local issues as identified by IOM’s partners and Member States, in commitment with migrants’ interests. Finally, the report outlines anticipated programmatic trends for 2012, taking into account the challenges that are evolving in a moving world. 

The report reflects upon the positive contributions of IOM’s LHD programming for governments, migrants, economies and societies at large in collaboration with an expanding network of stakeholders worldwide. These partnerships have allowed IOM to further its goals of maximizing the benefits of migration through capacity building and expanding expertise in labour migration and human development.

  • List of figures
  • List of acronyms
  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1 - Labour migration and human development: the issues
  • Chapter 2 - Labour migration   
  • Chapter 3 - Migrant training and integration
  • Chapter 4 - Migration and development
  • Chapter 5 - 2012: A preview of the year ahead
  • Glossary