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08 Oct 2021

Kuwait Country Strategy 2020–2024

Kuwait Country Strategy 2020–2024 outlines key objectives that will guide the engagement and support of IOM to the Government of Kuwait in achieving its priorities for 2020–2024. The Strategy reflects the global vision of IOM and the IOM Regional Office for Middle East and North Africa strategy. 

The Strategy is in line with the principles and objectives of the Migration Governance Framework and aligned with the Global Compact on Migration, as well as the interlinkages between migration and development as featured in the Sustainable Development Goals. 

This strategy will highlight the efforts and approach of IOM in achieving its mandate, through initiatives that foster enhanced dialogue between relevant government entities in Kuwait and in migrants’ countries of origin, building capacities on various issues related to migration management and specifically on migrant protection, including counter-trafficking and labour mobility.

  • Foreword 
  • Acronyms and abbreviations 
  • 1. Introduction 
  • 2. Vision 
  • 3. Migration in Kuwait 
  • 4. Applying the three main pillars of evidence-based policy 
    • 4.1. Resilience 
    • 4.2. Mobility 
    • 4.3. Governance 
  • 5. Cross-cutting issues 
    • 5.1. Priority areas 
    • 5.2. Gender 
    • 5.3. Rights-based approach 
    • 5.4. Environment 
    • 5.5. Monitoring and evaluation 
    • 5.6. Communication 
    • 5.7. Partnership 
  • 6. Conclusion