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30 Jun 2020

Key Migration Terms (Arabic)

Migration is a reality lived by millions of migrants around the world and an issue of interest for many governments, institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, in addition to migrants themselves. A commonly understood and agreed upon language is indispensable to enhance mutual understanding for many terminologies related to migration, which contributes to enhancing cooperation and coordination amongst various stakeholders. 

This guide has been developed for Arabic-speaking readers based on the English glossary published by IOM in 2019. This tri-lingual guide presents 73 terms -arranged based on Arabic alphabet- related to migration in Arabic, English and French to ensure it can be used across the Arab world, including in the countries where French is the second language.
It aims to provide clear, accurate and updated explanations of key terms in the field of migration that matches the ongoing development in migration realities, contexts and frameworks. This guide is designed for use by workers in the migration field in national and international legislative, executive and judicial entities, non-governmental organisations, media workers, university professors and students and everyone that is interested in migration.