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07 Oct 2015

IOM's International Dialogue on Migration

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The International Dialogue on Migration (IDM) is IOM’s principal forum for dialogue and exchange in migration issue, steered by IOM Member States and Observer States and organizations. Created by the IOM membership in 2001, the IDM fulfills the mandate of the Organization to provide a global venue for migration debate. The IDM is open to governmental and non-governmental stakeholders alike to encourage free exchange and discussion of experiences, policy options and effective practices. In more than a decade of existence, the IDM has covered a wide variety of topical and emerging issues concerning the governance of international migration. This Information Sheet offers a summary of the IDM, and its main features and themes.

  • The International Dialogue on Migration in Brief
  • A Core IOM Activity
  • IDM Governance
  • IDM Format
  • IDM Publications
  • IDM Funding
  • IDM Themes and Workshops since 2001