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21 Sep 2015

IOM Zimbabwe Migration Papers N°1 - The Impact of the Brain Drain on Health Service Delivery in Zimbabwe: A Response Analysis

The overall objective of the study was to profile the skills of Zimbabwean health workers in the diaspora with the aim of assessing the extent and nature of health worker migration. This would inform future human resource policy in the health sector. The survey also assessed the generic profile of the health care professionals and collected relevant information via detailed questionnaires regarding the factors that induced migration, experiences of health professionals in the diaspora, and the possibility and conditions for short-term and permanent return. Specifically, the study was commissioned to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To assess the nature and magnitude of health worker migration from Zimbabwe and the impact of such migration on the health service delivery in Zimbabwe;
  2. To assess the factors that induced the emigration of health professionals from Zimbabwe;
  3. To determine the spatial distribution and profile the skills of Zimbabwean health professionals in the diaspora;
  4. To provide policy and programmatic recommendations on stemming the brain drain of health professionals from Zimbabwe and the possibility for short-term and permanent return of health professionals to Zimbabwe in a bid to address the adverse impact of the brain drain on service delivery in the health sector.
  • List of Acronyms
    • 1. Introduction and Background
    • 2. Methodology
    • 3. Findings from the Study
    • 4. Conclusion and Recommendations
    • 5. Annex 1: Breakdown of Earnings by Destination
    • 6. Bibliography
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