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07 Oct 2015

IOM Research Compendium 2005-2007

The IOM Research Compendium is an organization-wide compilation of research projects as well as projects and programmes with research component. It contains over 100 projects managed by IOM field missions and IOM headquarters undertaken during 2005 and 2006 (including projects that are under development for 2007), covering more than 35 different thematic areas.

The purpose of this compendium is to provide an overview of current research activities conducted through various IOM projects. It is also intended as a working tool for external and internal use, whereby researchers can find references to IOM projects with migration research components, organized by geographical zone and by key themes. It further includes detailed information on the missions responsible for the projects, project summaries and main objectives, IOM Units in charge of project endorsement, project timeframe and the final products available for consultation.

This Compendium is a first effort to gather information about the research undertaken organization-wide, and will be updated regularly. It highlights the important role that research plays within the activities of IOM; thus enabling the Organization to take more effective action in response to migration challenges and to provide policy and technical guidance to governments based on sound evidence.

  • The Research Compendium: Why and How to Use It
  • Overview of Research in IOM
  • Detailed List of Projects – By Geographical Zones
  • Special Research Programmes
  • Research Partnerships