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03 Apr 2020

IOM Institutional Strategy on Migration and Sustainable Development

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The IOM Institutional Strategy on Migration and Sustainable Development outlines a whole-of-organization approach to comprehensively integrate migration and development into policymaking and programming within IOM. It recognizes that migration, when well managed, can be both a development strategy and a development outcome. 

The Strategy represents IOM’s direct contribution to the Decade of Action to fast track progress for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals. The Strategy brings greater coherence and development impact to IOM’s activities and allows for a joined up approach to the way the Organization designs and delivers its operations, as called for in IOM’s Strategic Vision. It supports IOM’s active engagement in the UN Development System and hinges on building stronger partnerships within the UN system and beyond.

For more information about the Strategy or IOM’s work on migration and sustainable development, please contact the Migration and Sustainable Development Unit at

  • I. The Opportunity 
  • II. The Migration and Sustainable Development Nexus 
  • III. IOM’S Approach 
  • IV. How We Will Deliver 
  • V. Looking Forward