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30 Sep 2015

IOM Hong Kong 60th Anniversary Report 1952-2012

This publication is to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the IOM Hong Kong Office. The Hong Kong Office was set up in 1952 in line with the Organization’s activities on resettlement of displaced persons and refugees in the Far East region. In the past 60 years the Organization has broadened its activities from operational logistics to working with Governments and civil society to address migration issues, advance understanding of migration and development and at the same time upholding the human dignity and well being of migrants and is the leading International Migration Agency. This Hong Kong Office was able to keep in pace with the developments of the Organization in addressing migration issues.

This publication recorded the activities of the Office in the past 60 years, from resettlement of Russian and Vietnamese migrants to services to immigrants, facilitation of discussions on migration for Governments within the region, presentations on migration issues to students and training workshops for Government officials and social workers on human trafficking. Also provide direct assistance to victims of trafficking. 

  • Preface by Ambassador William Lacy Swing, IOM Director General
  • Letter of Gratitude by Andrew Bruce, IOM Regional Director
  • Foreword by Gloria Ko, IOM Hong Kong Head of Office
  • Introduction
  • Forced Migration
  • Facilitating Migration
  • Regulating Migration
  • Migration and Development
  • Social Events
  • IOM Hong Kong 60th Anniversary
  • We... The IOM Hong Kong Family
  • Appendices
    • Appendix I: IOM Hong Kong Head of Office since 1952
    • Appendix II: Movement Project Statistics
    • Appendix III: Table of Special Events