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13 Oct 2015

International Migration, Vol. 47(1) 2009

International Migration is a refereed quarterly review of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on current migration issues as analysed by demographers, economists, and sociologists all over the world. The journal is edited at Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM) and published and distributed by Blackwell Publishing. The editors at ISIM are responsible for the direction and content of the journal.

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  • Gender and Migration: West Indians in Comparative Perspectiveby Nancy Foner
  • Individual versus Household Migration Decision Rules: Gender and Marital Status Differences in Intentions to Migrate in South Africa by Bina Gubhaju and Gordon F. De Jong
  • Migration, Motherhood, Marriage: Cross-Cultural Adaptation of North American Immigrant Mothers in Israel by Laura I. Sigad and Rivka A. Eisikovits
  • The Integration of Immigrants in Northern Sweden: A Case Study of the Municipality of Strömsund by Anita Cvetkovic
  • The Europeanisation of Integration Policies by Kerstin Rosenow
  • Poles Apart? EU Enlargement and the Labour Market Outcomes of Immigrants in the United Kingdom by Stephen Drinkwater, John Eade and Michal Garapich
  • EU Integration & Emigration Consequences: The Case of Lithuaniaby Laura Thaut