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09 Nov 2015

International Migration, Vol. 44(3) 2006

This collection aims to take to task some of the new orthodoxies of return in the Balkans, looking beyond the statistics on return to analyse the structures motivating the return discourse in both property law and international relations, and to look at the experiences of return within this context that reveal a reality outside the confines of policy prescriptions. With “sustainable” return a recurring theme of national and international actors involved in peace negotiations and post-conflict reconstruction, this collection of papers queries what is meant by sustainable return and what it requires to flourish, and as such provides a new understanding of return in the Balkans that could have implications for new peace processes around the world.

  • Introduction: Sustainable Return in the Balkans: Beyond Property Restitution and Policy by Richard Black, Marita Eastmond and Saskia Gent
  • Sustainable Return in Post-conflict Contexts by Richard Black and Saskia Gent
  • The Significance of Property Restitution to Sustainable Return in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Rhodri C. Williams
  • Housing and Property Restitution and IDP Return in Kosovo by Anneke Rachel Smit
  • Return Dynamics in Bosnia and Croatia: A Comparative Analysis by Joanna Harvey 
  • Homes in the Making: Property Restitution, Refugee Return, and Senses of Belonging in a Post-war Bosnian Town by Anders H. Stefansson
  • Transnational Returns and Reconstruction in Post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina by Marita Eastmond


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