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14 Dec 2017

International Dialogue on Migration No. 27 : Strengthening International Cooperation on and Governance of Migration: Towards the Adoption of a Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration in 2018

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Since 2001 the International Dialogue on Migration has been providing states and other relevant actors a forum for open and inclusive debate on key migration policy aspects and for advancing understanding, dialogue and cooperation on migration governance.

In 2017 the IDM was one of IOM’s contributions to the consultation phase of the preparatory process leading to the adoption of the global compact for safe orderly and regular migration, in response to the General Assembly’s invitation, in resolution 71/280 to use global processes mechanisms and processes, including the IDM, to contribute to the process. Two IDM global events were held on 18-19 April in New York and respectively on 18-19 July in Geneva, gathering over 700 relevant migration actors to share their experiences, best practices and recommendations for the elaboration of the global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration. 

The results of the discussions at the two IDMs are consolidated in this publication, and were provided as contribution to the stocktaking meeting held on 4-6 December in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The publication contains the report and supplementary materials of the two events.  The report is organized around five themes emerged from discussions and reflects the significant convergence of views that emerged during the two dialogues. The final section brings together key recommendations made during the workshops. 

    • Introduction
    • The global compact: A historic opportunity
    • Whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches to migration
    • Migrants and vulnerability
    • International cooperation and shared responsibilities, including regional and situation-specific multilateral initiatives
    • Implementing and following up the global compact on migration
    • Recommendations
  • New York
    • Final agenda
    • Concept note
    • Summary of conclusions
  • Geneva
    • Final agenda
    • Background paper
    • Summary of conclusions