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19 Oct 2015

International Dialogue on Migration No. 14 - Managing Return Migration

In 2008, the International Dialogue on Migration (IDM) was guided by the overarching theme selected by the membership: “Return Migration: Challenges and Opportunities”. Two intersessional workshops were convened based on the memberships’ preferences: “Managing Return Migration” (21‑22 April 2008) and “Enhancing the Role of Return Migration in Fostering Development” (7-8 July 2008). A high-level panel discussion on Return Migration was held in the framework of the IDM during the 96th Council Session. 

  • Executive Summary: Lessons Learned and Effective Approches for Policymakers
  • Part I: Workshop Report
    • Acronyms and Abbreviations
    • Introduction
    • The Workshop
    • Overview and Key Findings
    • Forms and Contexts of Return Migration
    • Essentials of Return Migration
    • Managing Return as an Integral Part of International Migration
    • Reponsible Partnerships for Policy Action
    • Conclusion
  • Part II: Workshop Agenda and Background Paper
    • Workshop Agenda
    • Background Paper