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19 Oct 2015

International Dialogue on Migration No. 20 - Moving to Safety: Migration Consequences of Complex Crises

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This publication contains the report and supplementary materials of a workshop on 'Moving to Safety: Migration Consequences of Complex Crises' which was held in Geneva, Switzerland on 24 and 25 April 2012. The workshop, which took place under the overarching theme of the 2012 IOM International Dialogue on Migration 'Managing Migration in Crisis Situations', examined the migratory patterns that can result from complex crises and the usefulness of migration policy tools in addressing crises; and aimed to raise awareness of the role of mobility in overcoming crises, specifically the predicament of 'trapped' populations.

  • Chair's Summary
  • Workshop Report
    •  Introduction
    •  Scope and purpose of the workshop
    •  Deliberations and recommendations of the workshop
    •  Conclusion
  • Migrant's Voice
  • Agenda and background paper
    •  Agenda
    •  Background paper
    •  Annex