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09 Oct 2015

Intercultural Guide for Specialists Working with Third-Country Nationals and their Families (Lithuanian)

This publication is aimed at building intercultural capacities of the specialists working with third-country nationals or families where at least one parent is a third-country national.  Special focus of this guidebook is dedicated to family relationships in different cultural zones – Africa, Asia (China, Japan), Caucasus region, India, Oceania and Muslim countries. 

This guidebook conveys information about five different cultures mostly focusing on traditions, family relationships, gender roles and parenting characteristics. Also this publication includes main information about legal framework and most common legal practises on migrant rights, intercultural mediation and other legal aspects of multiculturalism. The last chapter of this guidebook shortly presents psychological consequences of the migration process and how clash of different cultures can affect migrants’ behaviour. It includes main information that should be known by specialists working in this field and also presents cooperation possibilities between organizations working with intercultural families and third-country nationals.