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21 Sep 2015

Improving Access to Labour Market Information for Migrants and Employers

The publication Improving Access to Labour Market Information for Migrants and Employers investigates information strategies and channels most commonly used for employment matching through migration. It identifies the main information-related obstacles facing respectively, employers willing to hire migrant workers – both from abroad and inside the country – and prospective and resident migrants looking for available job opportunities. It proposes appropriate policy responses, including at the pre-departure stage, to overcome those obstacles and enhance the potential of international migration to address labour and skill shortages.

  • Executive summary
    1. Introduction
    2. Objectives and methodology
    3. Summary of findings
    4. Policy recommendations
    5. References
  • Country studies
    • Part I. Good practices and recommendations from selected EU Member States
      • Germany
      • Italy
      • Poland
      • Sweden
      • United Kingdom
    • Part II. Good practices and recommendations from non-EU Settlement Countries
      • Canada
      • United States of America