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26 Oct 2015

Human Trafficking: Manual for Teachers (Revised edition)

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The manual was prepared with a mission to inform the public at large about human trafficking and prevent the rates and consequences of this crime which is today at the center of growing public attention worldwide. 

The manual incorporates three parts. The first part focuses on theoretical framework of trafficking issues and provides teaching materials for diverse audiences. The second part describes eight lessons of the basic course on human trafficking and exploitation. 

The third part of the manual highlights modern strategies and techniques used in education to initiate a constructive and interactive course on human trafficking issues. 

This a revised version of the 2010 Teacher’s Book reflecting changes in the legislation. 

Published within the framework of IOM’s “Solidifying Awareness on Trafficking in Persons in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia through Education” with funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).  

This publication has been issued without formal editing by the Publications Unit of IOM.