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02 Dec 2016

How the G20 Views Migration

A survey of G20 governments – the club of major economies – prepared by IOM at the request of the 2015 Turkish presidency – shows that 15 out of 19 G20 countries want immigration levels increased or maintained at the same level.

The survey, part of a broader forthcoming IOM’s report “How the World Views Migration”, suggests that only a minority of people in G20 countries want immigration reduced, with pro-immigration sentiment higher outside Europe.

Turkey commissioned this examination of views of migration in the G20 in its capacity as the Chair-in-Office of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) and concurrently the G20 Presidency for 2015. It will be presented at a joint G20 / GFMD / Global Migration Group (GMG) event to be held in Izmir, Turkey tomorrow (3/6).

Presenting the findings of a first survey of public opinion on migration in G-20 countries conducted by the Gallup World Poll in more than 140 countries between 2012 and 2014, the report provides a rare insight into public attitudes toward immigration around the globe.