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26 Aug 2020

Guidelines for Labour Recruiters on Ethical Recruitment, Decent Work and Access to Remedy for Migrant Domestic Workers

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This publication is to inform labour recruiters on best practices for promoting, facilitating and ensuring the ethical recruitment of migrant domestic workers. The guidelines are derived from the International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS) Standard, developed by IOM through an extensive multi-stakeholder consultation process. The guidelines follow the seven IRIS principles, offering special guidance and best practices tailored for the migrant domestic workers recruitment industry.

The guidelines were developed under the project Asia Region: Promoting Ethical Recruitment and Decent Work among Private Sector Partners by Strengthening Company Policies to Protect Domestic Workers. While the project focuses on the recruitment of migrant domestic workers to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China, from Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines, these guidelines are relevant to recruiters of migrant domestic workers across migration corridors and globally.

  • Terminology
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Scope 
  • Structure of guidelines 
  • CHAPTER 1. Overview of migration and domestic work, including the risks facing migrant domestic workers
  • CHAPTER 2. The responsibility of labour recruiters to promote ethical recruitment, decent work and access to remedy to migrant domestic workers
  • CHAPTER 3. Operational guidelines for labour recruiters on ethical recruitment, decent work and access to remedy for migrant domestic workers
    • IRIS General Principle A: Respect for Laws, and Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
    • IRIS General Principle B: Respect for Ethical and Professional Conduct
    • IRIS Principle 1: Prohibition of Recruitment Fees and Related Costs to Migrant Domestic Workers
    • IRIS Principle 2: Respect for Freedom of Movement
    • IRIS Principle 3: Respect for Transparency of Terms and Conditions of Employment
    • IRIS Principle 4: Respect for Confidentiality and Data Protection
    • IRIS Principle 5: Respect for Access to Remedy