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29 Jun 2018

Global Migration Issues, Vol. 5 - Diasporas, Development and Governance

Drawing on examples from the global North and South, this book examines the relationship between migration, development and diaspora engagement from a governance perspective.   It explores the ways that governments interact with their own extra-national diasporic populations in order to boost economic development, build global trading and investment networks, and increase their political leverage overseas. Inside, readers will find fifteen essays which highlight such issues as diaspora engagement by governments at different scales, the divisions that often exist within diaspora groups, diaspora transnationalism and return migration, diaspora knowledge networks and higher education capacity building, and the  neglected issues of South-South migration and diasporas as well as North-South migration and diasporas. The book presents empirical case studies from various geographical contexts including Australia, Canada, the Philippines, India, the Caribbean, Zimbabwe, and the United States.  Overall, this book presents fresh insights into how and why migrant-sending countries are increasingly turning to the diaspora option to attempt to benefit from the transfer of knowledge, skills and financial and social capital.  It provides policy makers, researchers, and students with new perspectives on governance and the means by which states are attempting to utilize their diaspora resources.

Should you be interested in preparing titles for this series, please contact the overall series editor Mr. Frank Laczko (flaczko@iom.int).

  • 1. Introduction: Disaggregating Diasporas   by  Abel Chikanda, Jonathan Crush, and Margaret Walton-Roberts     
  • 2. The Global Forum on Migration and Development and Diaspora Engagement by Irena Omelaniuk      
  • 3. Engaging the Global Filipino Diaspora: Achieving Inclusive Growth by Imelda M. Nicolas
  • 4. Diaspora, Development, and Intra-community Politics: Sri Lankan Tamils in Canada and Post-War Debates by Amarnath Amarasingam and Ahila Poologaindran
  • 5. Benevolent Funds: Philanthropic Practices of the South African Diaspora in Ontario, Canada by Sujata   Ramachandran     
  • 6. Unpacking the (Diasporic) Nation: The Regionalized and Religious Identities of the ‘Indian’ Diaspora by Huzan Dordi and Margaret Walton-Roberts
  • 7. Governing the Remittance Landscape for Development: Policies and Actors in Bangladesh by Mohammad Moniruzzaman
  • 8. Diaspora Engagement for Development in the Caribbean by Indianna D. Minto-Coy
  • 9. The Diasporic Economy, Trade and the Tourism Industry in the Caribbean by Keith Nurse   
  • 10. Diasporas, Development and Engagement in Australia’s Asian Century by Graeme Hugo
  • 11. Regenerating Scholarly Capacity Through Diaspora Engagement: The Case of A Ghana Diaspora Knowledge Network by Wisdom J. Tettey
  • 12. Knowledge Transfers Through Diaspora Transnationalism and Return Migration: A Case Study of Indian Skilled Migrants by Gabriela Tejada
  • 13. Visualizing the Diaspora: New Options by Jean-Baptiste Meyer, Fan Wang Miao, and Yue Zhao
  • 14. The Making of a Southern Diaspora: South-South Migration and Zimbabweans in South Africa by Jonathan Crush, Abel Chikanda, and Godfrey Tawodzera
  • 15. Americans Abroad: US Emigration Policy and Perspectives by Susanna Groves    
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