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01 Oct 2015

Fundamentals of border representation for border plenipotentiaries of the Republic of Armenia (Armenian)

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The manual includes key provisions, skills and recommendations for coordinating and ensuring working and practical activities of border plenipotentiaries under the active Armenian legislation, international treaties, work experience of border guards and their foreign partners. The manual is intended for servicemen of the operative and tactical unit under the Armenian National Security Service Border Guards Troops. The manual can also be used to train other state agency servicemen operating at the border.

Published as part of the “Assistance in the development of border plenipotentiaries system in Belarus and Armenia” Project financed by the IOM Development Fund. 

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1
    • General provisions on activities of border plenipotentiaries
  • Chapter 2
    • Protocol and rules of conduct for border plenipotentiaries. Negotiating
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix 1. Glossary of terms and concepts
  • Appendix 2. Legislative, sub-legislative and statutory acts
  • Appendix 3. List of references

This publication has been issued without formal editing by the Publications Unit of IOM.