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21 Sep 2015

Evaluating Village Health Funding Mechanisms in Mawlamyinegyun Township

The overall objective of this research is to analyse the existing community-based health financing mechanisms in 60 villages in the Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar which were previously given access to grants to establish “Village Health Funds” following cyclone Nargis. The evaluation report investigates existing community mechanisms in the township that enable communities to support emergency referrals of pregnant women and children to access health care, in order to provide a basis for further expansion and improved community case management. The outcomes of the research are intended to inform ongoing support for community-based health financing and make recommendations on how to improve their use and sustainability, in order to reduce financial barriers for health access in vulnerable communities. The research uses qualitative and quantitative data and analysis to investigate and report on the following factors: fund status and activities; fund utilization; community perception and contribution; sustainability; and the role of partners. The research reveals that in more than half of the villages, the health funds are still maintained and functioning two years after they were initially set up. This report includes several recommendations regarding successful intervention strategies and suggestions on how support to community-based health financing can be improved.

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