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06 Oct 2023

Evaluability Review and Deep Dive Assessment of Community-based Reintegration Projects - IMPACT Study Report #3

This report looks at the evaluability of the community-based reintegration (CBR) initiatives undertaken by the European Union–IOM Joint Initiative in the Horn of Africa programme. The report also provides a general framework for strengthening the evaluation of such type of activities in the future. The results from a qualitative deep-dive assessment of six CBR projects are also presented.

  • List of Acronyms 
  • Background 
  • Background of the CBRPs 
    • Purpose and objectives 
    • Methodology 
  • Evaluability Assessment 
    • Overarching findings 
    • Country-specific findings: Ethiopia 
    • Country-specific findings: Somalia 
    • Country-specific findings: The Sudan 
  • Deep Dives 
    • Overarching findings 
    • Ethiopia 
    • Somalia 
    • The Sudan 
  • Conclusions and Implications for IOM 
    • Conclusions from the evaluability assessment 
    • Conclusions from the deep dives 
    • Recommendations for IOM 
  • Annexes 
    • Evaluability assessment checklist 
    • Projects included in evaluability assessment 
    • IOM country office consultations 
    • Review framework 
    • Primary data collection