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20 Oct 2015

Enhancing migration data management in Nigeria: Assessment and recommendations

Nigeria is a major migration hub in the West Africa region, characterized by important migration inflows and outflows, as well as a high level of internal migration. Given the increased awareness of the importance of migration and its links to development, the ACP Observatory on Migration has, together with the Technical Working Group and National Consultative Committee on Migration of the Nigerian Government, undertaken this assessment of migration data management in an effort to improve evidence-based policymaking and planning in this area.

This report outlines the various types of migration data being collected and used by Nigerian government institutions and provides an overview of the migration data management process of each agency.

The key findings indicate that Nigeria’s public agencies possess rich sources of data on international and internal migration. Yet, several improvements are recommended regarding the utilization and sharing of this migration data. The assessment proposes several concrete steps that could be taken in the short, medium and long term to improve the availability and quality of data for the purpose of enhancing informed planning and policymaking in the area of migration and development. 

  • List of acronyms
  • List of Tables and figures
  • List of annexes
  • Executive summary
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Methodology
  • 3. Migration data sources and availability
  • 4. Migration data management
    • A) Current practices
    • B) Data quality control
    • C) Analysis/data mining/reporting
  • 5. Resources for migration data management
  • 6. Gaps
    • A) Data
    • B) Data collection protocols
    • C) Data quality control
    • D) Analysis/data mining/reporting/sharing
    • E) Resources
  • 7. Recommendations
    • A) Short term
    • B) Medium term
    • C) Long term
  • 8. References
  • 9. Annexes