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07 Sep 2022

Employer Guidebook on Ethical Direct Recruitment of Inter-State Migrants in the Garment Industry in India

The Employer Guidebook provides concrete, operational guidance to employers to strengthen direct ethical recruitment of interstate migrant workers in the garment and textile industry of India, highlights good business practices to consider for upholding migrant workers' human and labour rights and addresses the gendered nature of migration in this industry.

  • Acknowledgment
  • Acronyms
  • Introduction
    • Overview of inter-state migration
    • Recruitment channels for inter-state migrant workers
    • Objective of the Guidebook
    • Outline of the the Guidebook
    • Why is this Guidebook useful?
    • Terms used in this Guidebook
  • Methodology
  • Chapter I: Rights and Responsibilities of Employers in Direct
  • Recruitment of Inter-state Migrant Workers
  • Chapter 2: Best Practice for Employers who Directly Recruit
  • Inter-state Migrant Workers
    • Section 1: Employer Policies and Management Practices
    • Section 2: Operational Practices for Ethical Recruitment, Employment and Return
    • Overarching Principles
    • Employment
    • Return and/or Onward Migration
  • Annex 1 – Breakdown of Recruitment Fees and Related Costs