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07 Jun 2023

Emotions and Economics: An Analysis of Philippine Media Coverage of the Filipino Migration Experience

This research study examines past and current media migration reportage and in particular the representation of Filipino migrant workers in Philippine media. This report examines the dominant themes in the reportage of migrant worker issues through a narrative analysis of the coverage of overseas Filipino worker (OFW) issues by major Philippine news organizations across three periods that are seen as significant to migrant workers’ issues.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Definition of terms
  • Acronyms
  • Executive summary 
    • Overview
    • Methodology 
    • Analysis 
    • Recommendations
  • A Culture of Migration
    • “Abroad” is both a destination and an aspiration “Modern-day heroes”: the burden of valorization 
    • A timeline of the Philippine and international labour migration legal and policy
    • frameworks
    • Labour migration facilitation and protection 
  • Coverage of Labour Migration in the Philippines
    • The media landscape 
    • Media penetration and consumption patterns 
  • Snapshot of Media Coverage of Migration Issues
    • Overview
    • Specific methodology 
  • Narrative Analysis 
    • Establishing the baseline (January 2007 to December 2020)
    • Whose voices are heard? 
  • Discussion of Findings 
    • Breaking news and crisis coverage
    • Lack of in-depth analysis of deeper issues
  • Recommendations
  • Annexes 
  • Bibliography