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14 Aug 2020

Covid-19 and the transformation of migration and mobility globally - Shifting forms of mobility related to COVID-19

In this paper, Susan Martin and Jonas Bergmann examine the wide-ranging impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had upon human mobility. Considering four types of mobility, defined by the aspirations and capabilities driving them, they outline the various pathways through which the pandemic has reduced mobility, as well as how patterns of internal mobility have shifted. Finally, the paper discusses two international frameworks which provide the context in which mobility restrictions are enacted.

This paper is part of a series of short “think pieces” by IOM’s Migration Research and Publishing High-Level Advisers on the potential changes, impacts and implications for migration and mobility arising from COVID-19. Designed to spark thinking on policy and programmatic responses to COVID-19 as its impacts continue to emerge globally, the papers draw upon existing and new evidence and offer initial exploratory analysis and recommendations.