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29 Sep 2015

Counter-trafficking in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

After the dissolution of the Former Soviet Union, the area of the current 12 Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) became a widely used corridor for irregular migration and trafficking in human beings, both from within and outside the region. Lack of relevant legislation and needed administrative institution have continued to give traffickers and smugglers an unnecessary advantage to carry on their activities. However the CIS States have made significant headway in creating capacities and adhering to international cooperation to tackle the illegal migration in the region. A large number of international organizations, including IOM, are present in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region and are involved in assisting the host governments in establishing national counter-trafficking policies, conducting preventive information campaigns, implementing research and providing assistance to victims of trafficking.

This report looks at the latest trafficking trends as they affect each of the 12 countries, and assesses the institutional and legal frameworks to combat trafficking. International cooperation is also studied and needed further action pointed out.