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01 Oct 2015

Compendium of IOM Activities in Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience

With an ever-increasing number of people on the move, migration and its effects will be defining features of societies and environment in the 21st century. Exposing the linkages between human mobility, the environment and disasters is especially relevant in the context of the post Hyogo Framework for Action and ongoing dialogues on the global post-2015 development agenda. Enabling and managing migrations will be key both for reducing one of the root causes of risk and for ensuring sufficient protection to especially vulnerable people in the wake of a crisis, allowing societies to fully benefit from mobility’s development potential. 

To contribute to the international development dialogue, IOM has launched the Compendium of Activities on DRR and Resilience. It draws on the wealth of lessons the Organization has learned from its activities in the field to illustrate the complex nexus between the environment and migration. The Compendium aims at exploring the multiple ways in which mobility influences vulnerability and resilience at the individual, community and society level, as well as at highlighting how innovative, comprehensive solutions can be used to address the different aspects of this issue.