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19 May 2021

Central America, North America and the Caribbean – Regional Strategy 2020–2024

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The IOM Regional Strategy for North America, Central America and the Caribbean provides a forward-looking framework that identifies key migration challenges, opportunities and priorities centred around three pillars: 

(a)    Addressing the adverse drivers of migration; 
(b)    Facilitating safe, regular and orderly forms of migration; 
(c)    Serving as a trusted and effective thought leader and partner of migrants, Member States, regional organizations, processes and initiatives, other United Nations agencies, civil society, academia, the private sector, and media, among others.  

The Regional Strategy is a living tool for IOM in the region to leverage migration for sustainable development, protect and assist migrants, and ensure no one is left behind.

  • Foreword 
  • Acronyms 
  • 1. Introduction 
    • 1.1. Vision statement 2020–2024 
  • 2. Political and institutional outlook for the region 
    • 2.1. Opportunities and challenges 
    • 2.2. Current and future key partners  
  • 3. Migration outlook for the region  
    • 3.1. Context 
    • 3.2. Migration trends  
    • 3.3. Drivers of migration  
    • 3.4. Regional mobility regimes 
  • 4. Regional strategic priorities  
    • 4.1. Resilience
    • 4.2. Mobility 
    • 4.3. Governance 
  • 5. Institutional development
  • Annex 1. IOM in Central America, North America and the Caribbean
  • Annex 2. Overview of processes and initiatives in Central America, North America and the Caribbean