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30 Jun 2021

Business Guidebook: How to Mediate Employment Disputes under Thai Labour Law 2021

An Overview of State-Based Grievance Mechanisms and In-court Alternative Dispute Resolutions Mechanisms in Employment Disputes Available to Businesses under the Thai Labour Law
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The Business Guidebook promotes the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (ADR) in Thailand, as an effective channel for improving remediation outcomes for all workers, including migrant workers. The Guidebook, explaining the processes for state-based grievance mechanisms and ADR mechanisms under Thai law, and presenting benefits ADR offers to both workers and employers, supports employers of migrant workers in Thailand, especially human resource, compliance, and sustainability staff. 

  • Acronyms
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Section I: State-based grievance mechanisms in Thailand
    • State-based grievance mechanisms available to workers in Thailand
    • Process flows of state-based judicial and non-judicial remediation channels
    • The process before the labour inspector
    • The process before the labour court
    • The process before the labour court for unfair dismissal cases
  • Section ii: alternative dispute resolution mechanisms under Thai law
    • What alternative dispute resolution mechanisms are available to employers under Thai law?
    • The process before the labour court
  • Section iii: benefits of using alternative dispute resolution mechanisms
    • Penalties for violating the labour protection act
    • Advantages of using alternative dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Conclusion
  • Annex: forms