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20 Oct 2015

Becoming an immigration magnet: Migrants' profiles and the impact of migration on human development in Trinidad and Tobago

How have recent migration flows to and from Trinidad and Tobago affected the development of the country and the migrants themselves?

This study examines the profiles of immigrants, emigrants and returned migrants and investigates the effects of migration on areas like migrants’ incomes, development of skills, family structures, remittance-sending behaviour, life satisfaction and attitudes regarding social values and human rights with the aim to answer to this question.

Among its key findings, the study shows how immigrants from developing countries moved to Trinidad and Tobago for employment and study purposes, while citizens of Trinidad and Tobago moved to countries in the North to improve their standards of living and gain qualifications.

While the study found many positive impacts of migration for migrants themselves, it raises questions regarding the emigration of skilled migrants from Trinidad and Tobago, which remains a concern due to fears of skills depletion and the low rates of remittance transfer back to Trinidad and Tobago. These questions demand further research and policy attention. Replies to them, along with the analysis developed in this book, could help to integrate human mobility into national and regional development plans as well into poverty reduction strategies.

  • List of acronyms and abbreviations
  • List of tables and figures
  • Executive summary
  • Résumé analytique
  • Resumo executivo
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. History and current patterns of migration
    • 2.1 Historical context
    • 2.2 Current trends in migration
    • 2.3 South American migrants in Trinidad and Tobago
    • 2.4 African migrants
    • 2.5 Asian migrants: China and India
    • 2.6 Middle Eastern migrants: Syrian Arab Republic and Lebanon
  • 3. Descriptive analysis of the reasons for and the consequences of migration
    • 3.1 Trinidad and Tobago’s immigrants
    • 3.2 Consequences of migration
  • 4. Impacts of migration on development
    • 4.1 Remittances
    • 4.2 Family
    • 4.3 Education and skills acquisition
    • 4.4 Other developmental issues
  • 5. Policy recommendations and conclusion
    • 5.1 South–South migration and policies
  • 6. Bibliographical references
  • Annex: The impact of South-South migration on development in
  • Trinidad and Tobago – Questionnaire