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24 Sep 2015

Baseline Research on Irregular Migration in the Republic of Armenia (Armenian)

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The research studies and assesses irregular migration in Armenia with a focus in immigration, which makes it the first such study.  The methodology included desk review, qualitative interviews and survey among immigrants.  

The overall scope of the research can be divided into the following separate issues: (i) Introduction of the migration situation in Armenia; (ii) Assessment of the legal framework regulating the migration to Armenia; (iii) Assessment of the institutional framework regulating the migration to Armenia; (iv) Collection of the quantitative data (statistics) on and analysis of irregular migration to Armenia; (v) Qualitative assessment of irregular migrants residing in Armenia. 

The research was conducted and report was prepared within the framework of IOM’s Projects “Supporting the establishment of effective readmission management in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia” (funded by the European Commission and the IOM Development Fund) and “Building capacity of government structures in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia for the effective management of readmission and return” (funded by the IOM Development Fund). 

  • Foreword
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. General overview of migration in Armenia
  • 3. Legal framework
  • 4. Institutional framework
  • 5. Statistics on irregular migration
  • 6. Irregular migrants survey
  • 7. Annexes

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