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17 Dec 2020

Bangladesh Migration Governance Framework

Migration is a multidimensional phenomenon. Be it international or internal, regular or irregular, safe or unsafe, of short or long duration, done out of necessity or by choice, and documented or undocumented, migration is linked with global development. The Seventh Five Year Plan (FY2016–FY2020) of Bangladesh recognizes migration as an integral component of the development of the country. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which sets the development priorities to be achieved by 2030, delineated through the Sustainable Development Goals, includes targets dedicated to migration.

A well-governed migration mechanism is necessary to gain positive outcomes. This framework is intended to guide the policy direction of the Government of Bangladesh and facilitate the implementation of results-based planning and reporting on the efforts and progress made towards migration governance in the country. The aim of this framework is to set out a coherent, comprehensive and balanced vision for migration governance for Bangladesh, integrating development with due regard for social, economic and environmental dimensions and respecting human rights. The overall goal of the framework is to establish a mechanism to ensure safe migration.

  • Message from the Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
  • Message from the Secretary of the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment 
  • Message from the Ambassador of the European Union to Bangladesh 
  • Foreword 
  • List of Figures 
  • List of Boxes 
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Chapter 1: Introduction 
    • 1.1 Background 
    • 1.2 Methodology 
  • Chapter 2: Migration Governance Framework: Goal, Components, Indicators and Sub-indicators 
    • 2.1 Goal of the Migration Governance Framework 
    • 2.2 Components, Indicators and Sub-indicators of the Migration Governance Framework 
  • Chapter 3: Migration Governance Framework: Activities, Actors and Time Plan 
    • 3.1 Activities, Actors and Timelines for Goal 1 
    • 3.2 Activities, Actors and Timelines for Goal 2 
    • 3.3 Activities, Actors and Timelines for Goal 3 
    • 3.4 Activities, Actors and Timelines for Goal 4 
    • 3.5 Activities, Actors and Timelines for Goal 5 
    • 3.6 Activities, Actors and Timelines for Goal 6 
  • Chapter 4: Conclusion 
  • Bibliography 
  • Annexes 
    • Annex A Data Sources 
    • Annex B Assessment of Context, Existing Policies and Practices 
    • Annex C Current Statuses of Bangladesh Goals by Indicator and Sub-indicator Used in the Framework 
    • Annex D Associations among the Migration Governance Framework Goals, the Global Compact for Migration Objectives and the Migration Crisis Operational Framework Goals 
    • Annex E Migration Governance Framework 
    • Annex F Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration 
    • Annex G Migration Crisis Operational Framework