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12 Oct 2022

Austria – Annual Report on Migration and Asylum 2021

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The Annual Policy Report 2021 provides an overview of migration and asylum-related developments and debates in Austria between January and December 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in (temporary) measures being introduced in a number of areas including aliens law, social and educational support, labour market integration, border controls and removals. Since 1 January, the newly established Federal Agency for Reception and Support Services company with limited liability has also been responsible for providing legal advice, return counselling and return assistance, human rights monitoring, and interpreting and translation services. In addition, various legislative amendments relating to labour migration were implemented. Furthermore, the topic of migration also played a key role in the country’s media reporting, for example the child’s best interests in asylum procedures.

  • Executive Summary 
  • 1 Introduction 
  • 2 Overarching Changes to the National Migration and Asylum System 
  • 3 Regular Migration 
  • 4 International Protection 
  • 5 Minors and Youth 
  • 6 Integration and Inclusion 
  • 7 Borders and Schengen 
  • 8 Irregular Migration 
  • 9 Trafficking in Human Beings 
  • 10 Return 
  • 11 Annex