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22 Jun 2023

Assessing the Evidence: Migration, Environment and Climate Change in Ireland

The publication Assessing the Evidence: Migration, Environment and Climate Change in Ireland aims to contribute to the knowledge base on changing migration patterns in Ireland, in the context of a warming planet and increasing environmental degradation. This Country Profile aims to inform and encourage the Irish Government, policymakers and relevant stakeholders to consider key challenges and opportunities arising from the migration, environment and climate change (MECC) nexus. It provides an analysis of existing research on both climate change and migration in the country, drawing on evidence from the wider MECC literature, while highlighting research and policy gaps. Supported by the findings, the report provides recommendations for strengthening responses that recognize rising uncertainties from climate change and migration in Ireland. 

Ireland is the first European country to prepare an IOM Migration, Environment and Climate Change Country Profile. This report was a joint effort between the University of Galway, Ryan Institute and IOM.

  • Figures and Tables
  • Appendices
  • Acronyms
  • Executive summary
  • 1. Introduction
    • 1.1. Objectives and methodology
    • 1.2. National context
      • 1.2.a. Migration, environment and climate change in Ireland – Evidence from the past
      • 1.2.b. Demography
      • 1.2.c. Economy
      • 1.2.d. Environment and climate
  • 2. Key challenges and opportunities: The migration, environment and climate change nexus
    • 2.1. Sudden- and slow- onset events and potential effects on migration patterns
      • 2.1.a. Changes in precipitation patterns
      • 2.1.b. Flooding
      • 2.1.d. Sea-level rise (SLR)
      • 2.1.e. Rising Sea Surface Temperatures (SST)
      • 2.1.f. Coastal erosion
      • 2.1.g. Higher temperatures, droughts and heatwaves
      • 2.1.h. Landslides
      • 2.1.i. Summary of impacts
    • 2.2. Vulnerabilities and opportunities: who, what and where
      • 2.2.a. Livelihoods and economic sectors
      • 2.2.b. Disproportionate vulnerabilities
      • 2.2.c. Coastal, rural and urban locations
  • 3. Prospects and options for evidence-based policymaking on the MECC nexus
    • 3.1. Examining overlaps between climate and migration policies and frameworks in Ireland, the European Union and the United Nations
    • 3.2. Research needs and policy options
      • 3.2.a. Integrated approaches for averting, minimizing and addressing climate-related displacement and addressing issues around migration
      • 3.2.b. Research, data collection and risk analysis through participatory approaches
      • 3.2.c. Strengthened preparedness
      • 3.2.d. Integration of migration challenges and opportunities in the context of climate change into national planning processes
      • 3.2.e. Strengthen efforts towards finding durable solutions
      • 3.2.f. Facilitating safe, orderly and regular migration
  • 4. Conclusions
  • Appendices
  • References