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26 Mar 2024

Africa Migration Report (Second edition)

Connecting the threads: Linking policy, practice and the welfare of the African migrant

The Second Edition of the Africa Migration Report (AMRII) takes a regional approach on migration and human mobility by producing knowledge and analysis that will contribute to the African integration agenda. Building on the success and lessons drawn from the first edition, it will generate qualitative research, data and knowledge on migration in the continent to embed human mobility into broader development and continental integration policies as outlined in the African Union Agenda 2063. The report focuses on the different policy frameworks, processes and thematic areas on the status of continental integration. The report takes into consideration the cross-cutting topic of migration and health, climate-induced migration trends, data-based analysis of current and future human mobility trends, migration and trade, labour mobility, missing persons, and the role of new technology in facilitating interconnectivity and human mobility in Africa.

  • Acknowledgements 
  • Editorial, Review and Production team 
  • Contributors’ List 
  • List of tables, figures and text boxes 
  • Foreword 
  • Chapter 1 Introduction 
  • Chapter 2 Migration governance in Africa: Insights from the Migration Governance Indicators Data 
  • Chapter 3 Human mobility trends in Africa: A snapshot of available evidence
  • Chapter 4 Regional integration and migration governance in Africa 
  • Chapter 5 Free movement of persons, informal trade and the African Continental Free Trade Area 
  • Chapter 6 A critical appraisal of labour mobility trends and their impact on regional integration in Africa 
  • Chapter 7 The digital transformation of Africa and the flow of people and goods
  • Chapter 8 Human mobility and climate change in Africa 
  • Chapter 9 Migration-sensitive health-system planning to support implementation of the African Union’s Migration Policy Framework 
  • Chapter 10 Missing migrants in and from Africa: A look into the data and policy gaps