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24 Jul 2023

Abridged Annual Report for 2022

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The Annual Report 2022, summarized in the Abridged Annual Report, encapsulates the full range of IOM’s operations during the year to support migrants, displaced populations and other people on the move, as well continued work to realize the benefits of safe, orderly and regular migration.  
The Annual Report reflects the breadth of IOM’s work in 2022. IOM remained one of the largest agencies responding to crisis situations worldwide. In 2022, IOM’s work on the mobility dimensions of crisis reached 31.1 million people, including internally displaced persons, refugees and migrants. The report also reflects IOM’s capacity to adapt and mobilize in response to both new and protracted emergencies, develop innovative responses, and work across the spectrum of the humanitarian, development and peace nexus. At the same time, IOM continued to expand its institutional approach on key issues, both as a stand-alone agency and as part of the United Nations system, not least through the Organization’s role as Coordinator of the United Nations Network on Migration. 
The Annual Report is available in printable PDF only in English. The Abridged Annual Report is available in printable PDF in English, French and Spanish. This publication was issued as document C/114/5 at the 114th Session of the IOM Council.