The Afghan Diaspora: Partners in the Crisis Response

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12 avr 2023

The Afghan Diaspora: Partners in the Crisis Response

This publication stems from the need to understand the changes occurred within the Afghan diaspora in Italy following the Taliban's return to power in August 2021. Based on a qualitative methodology (through literature review and collection of primary data), this report maps Afghan diaspora groups and organizations in Italy, identifying their intervention priorities and activities in Italy and in Afghanistan, in order to explore engagement opportunities in response to the Afghan crisis. 

The publication shows that the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan has produced a clear change in the demographics of the Afghan diaspora in Italy, as well as in its social composition, modes of intervention and relations with the Italian society. It also calls for a wider involvement of Afghan diaspora organizations and their potential contribution in response to the crisis.

Finally, this publication contributes to the academic and institutional debate on the inclusion of diaspora actors in the humanitarian ecosystem, through a better understanding of the organizational structure, modus operandi and composition of the Afghan diaspora in Italy and through the identification of potential areas of collaboration with traditional humanitarian and institutional actors.

  • Preface 
  • Executive summary 
  • Introduction 
    • 1 Objectives 
    • 2 Methodology 
    • 3 Limitations 
    • 4 Definition of diaspora  
  • The Afghan Context and the Role of the Diaspora  
    • 1 From the Islamic Republic to the Emirate 
    • 2 Organizations and civil society 
    • 3 The economic and humanitarian crisis  
    • 4 The transition and migration trends  
    • 5 The Afghan diaspora in Europe  
    • 6 The diaspora as a change agent 
    • 7 Remittances and the institutional context
  • The Diaspora in Italy 
    • 1 The Taliban’s return to power and the Afghan diaspora in Italy 
      • First-hand accounts  
    • 2 A map of the Afghan diaspora
      • First-hand accounts 
    • 3 Afghan politics and the diaspora: divisions and unity 
      • First-hand accounts  
    • 4 The Afghan diaspora and priorities in Italy  
      • First-hand accounts 
    • 5 The Afghan diaspora and priorities in Afghanistan 
      • First-hand accounts
    • 5a Instruments for interventions in Afghanistan 
      • First-hand accounts 
    • Conclusions  
    • Main results 
    • Recommendations
    • Bibliography